• What are Chamber Bucks?

    The Chamber Bucks program is administered by the Chamber of Commerce as a means of keeping dollars local and supporting the economy. Many businesses purchase Chamber Bucks as incentives for their employees. The general public purchase Chamber Bucks for gift giving occasions.


    How to use and accept Chamber Bucks?

    Simply present the Little Falls Area Chamber Bucks to the businesses that accept them, when you go to pay. The business will process the Chamber Buck just like a check and deposit it in their bank account.

    We encourage you to use the entire value of the Chamber Buck at one time.


    Is there a charge to use Chamber Bucks?

    No, there is no charge to the holder or the redeemer of Little Falls Area Chamber Bucks.


    Where can I get them?

    Chamber Bucks are available in $5, $10, $20 & $25 denominations to purchase at the Chamber Depot (Cass Gilbert Depot)



    Note for Businesses:

    Routing numbers to reference:

    Pine Country Bank: 091915751

    If you have Bank of the West: 091200961, come in to exchange them.

    Please share these numbers with your accounting department.

    If you have any questions, please contact Mary at the Chamber at 320.632.5155