• Chamber Bucks Chamber Bucks

    What are Chamber Bucks

    • The Chamber bucks are designed to encourage businesses and individuals in the community to support the local businesses by shopping locally. The program is a great member benefit and has the potential to generate considerable local economic impact.
    • Since each Chamber Buck can only be used at one merchant, we offer different denominations to fit your particular gift-giving needs.
    • Redeemable at many participating local businesses, for a list of businesses that accept them, click here


    Customers Purchasing Chamber Bucks

    • Chamber Bucks make the perfect birthday, anniversary, thank you or holiday gift. They are also great for employee recognition, safety, and merit awards.
    • Checks can be purchased at the Little Falls Area Chamber and Tourism office building located at 200 1st Street NW, Little Falls
    • For cash or check payments, stop by the chamber office or call to reserve your checks we will have them ready at pick up.
    • Chamber Bucks are available in $5, $10, $20, $25 denominations
    • For large orders, we ask for advance notice before scheduling a pickup.
    • Chamber Bucks do not expire.
    • If a check is lost, it is treated just like cash, and will not be replaced
    • A list of all the businesses that accept them can be found on our website or click here.


    Businesses Accepting & Redeeming Chamber Gift Checks

    • The Chamber Buck itself is considered just like a check and can be deposited by your business like a traditional check.
    • When a Chamber Buck is presented as payment for items purchased, treat it as you would a traditional check.
    • Merchants receiving Chamber Bucks may give back change on a purchase less than the face value of the check.
    • Before depositing the Chamber Bucks into your bank account, please ensure that each Chamber buck has been made payable to your business and has the signature and stamp from the Little Falls Chamber.
    • If you do not currently accept chamber bucks, but want to start, treat it as a check and notify chamber to add you in the list of businesses that accept them.
    • If you would like a window cling that says ‘Chamber Bucks Accepted Here’, please reach out to the chamber.


    For more information, contact Little Falls Area Chamber and Tourism at 320-632-5155