PT Correctional Officer

    Posted: 09/15/2023


    The Correctional Officer reports directly to the Jail Administrator and is responsible for the safe and secure housing of inmates at the Morrison County Jail. The Correctional Officer creates an atmosphere for both the staff and inmates that allows access to a variety of programs to enable the inmates to better themselves while incarcerated at the Morrison County Jail and to prepare them for their reentry into the community. The Correctional Officer is responsible for the acceptance of inmates from local authorities and other jurisdictions, classifying the inmates once accepted into the proper cell block areas based on their behavior and placing those inmates into the proper programs. The Correctional Officer has to use interpersonal communication skills on a regular basis to maintain a safe, secure jail while remaining very flexible as priorities are changing constantly with additional inmates coming and going, and disruptions in the jail. The Correctional Officer may supervise inmates while operating as a Sentence to Service Crew Leader.


    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • Ability to be certified as a first responder.
    • Ability to use of fire extinguishers, hand-held 2-way radios and emergency medical jump kits.
    • Ability to push, pull, carry or drag up to 150 pounds.
    • Ability to be trained in self-defense tactics including interpersonal communication skills and pressure point techniques and the use of force.
    • Ability to make independent and immediate decisions.
    • Ability to remain calm under extremely stressful situations.
    • Ability to prepare clear, concise reports.
    • Ability to demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
    • A working knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system and how the three components, of the judicial, law enforcement and corrections inter-act.
    • Ability to successfully complete continuing education required in all aspects of a Correctional Officer.
    • Ability to promote good public relations, and the ability to interact with fellow workers, subordinates, supervisors and other County employees.