Salvation Army Morrison County Volunteer Client Representative

    Posted: 07/26/2023

    Description of Position
    A volunteer is needed to provide emergency aid, spiritual support, and compassion through The Salvation Army Service Extension program in the specified county.  The Service Extension program operates in every non-corps county within the Division (Minnesota and North Dakota).  This program strives to help the needy in communities it serves resolve a crisis or emergency.
    Specific Duties

    1. Interview clients and determine the degree of need and the amount of assistance required, based on guidelines set by the Service Unit and/or Divisional Headquarters and according to the local budget.
    2. Complete the Purchase Order form payable to the vendor and given to the client or vendor for services and complete all other necessary documentation.  Either scan and email or fax purchase order and bill to Divisional Headquarters.  Send copy to the service unit treasurer. 
    3. Consult with other service unit members or the Field Representative on unusual cases.  Limits of assistance per household will be determined by each individual service unit; however, cases requiring more than $500.00 in assistance need to be approved by the Field Representative.
    4. Provide spiritual support to or make appropriate referrals for client as requested.
    5. Network with other agencies in the county and make referrals to avoid duplicating services.
    6. Maintain the integrity of the Mission by not providing monetary assistance to other organizations or community fund drives.
    7. Provide visibility of The Salvation Army and the services it provides in your community.
    8. Attend all Service Unit meetings.
    9. Assist in the development of the annual Service Unit budget.
    10. Post a Salvation Army shield at site where services are provided.
    11. Assist with Salvation Army fundraising programs.
    12. Follow all procedures and polices of The Salvation Army.
    1. Knowledge of community needs and services.
    2. Have an understanding of and ability to maintain confidentiality.
    3. Willing to work with service unit in a team environment.
    4. Excellent listening and communication skills.
    5. Sensitive to issues such as - homelessness, poverty, mental and physical disabilities, and addiction.
    6. Able to respect personal boundaries and the dignity of others.
    7. Compassionate and sincere.
    8. This position requires the completion of the following:
    Volunteer Application
    Background Check Release
    MVR Form
    Safe From Harm Training
    Social Service Code of Ethics
    1. Willing to support The Salvation Army Mission Statement.
    The assigned Field Representative; however, the Divisional Service Extension office will be available to assist and answer questions.
    A volunteer in this position will find satisfaction in knowing he or she selflessly serves others during a time of crisis in another person’s life.
    Minimum Commitment
    Preferably for a length of three (3) years.
    Risk Level 
    The tasks or activities conducted by Risk Level 1 workers would involve no expectation of exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials.