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    About Us

    Meet Brian: Your Floral Designer with Over 9 Years of Experience Discover the art of floral design with Brian, our seasoned floral designer boasting over 9 years of hands-on experience in a brick and mortar flower shop. Brian brings a unique perspective to his craft, effortlessly creating designs for any occasion, whether it's a single rose or a large sympathy piece. Brian's passion and dedication to his profession shine through in every arrangement he creates. His straightforward approach and wealth of experience allow him to craft designs that capture the essence of your emotions and the significance of the moment. What Brian offers: Versatility: Brian's experience ensures that he can adapt his designs to suit any occasion, providing you with a perfect expression of your sentiments. Passion in Every Petal: Each arrangement is a reflection of Brian's genuine love for floral design, making every creation a thoughtful masterpiece. Sympathy with Sensitivity: In times of loss, Brian's creations are marked by a compassionate touch, offering solace and honoring the memory of your loved ones. Disciplined Craftsmanship: Brian's meticulous approach guarantees visually stunning designs that stand as a testament to the discipline that defines his professional journey. Experience the simplicity and elegance of Brian's designs at Brian's Floral Co. where each creation tells a story with sincerity and grace. From intimate moments to grand celebrations, Brian's expertise transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.